Sara Atzmon has broken her silence about the Holocaust. She is still travelling today, almost 80 years old, tirelessly around the globe with her message: "Look, what hatred can lead to!".

For years I have supported Sara in German schools where she calls for tolerance and compassion. As head of a Christian organization it is important for me to support the remembering of and learning from the recent German past – last but not least because of the failure of Christian churches during the Holocaust.

With her paintings Sara Atzmon succeeds in expressing what words can not convey: the horror of concentration camps, the pain, fear and grief she had to experience.

Sara Atzmon will not have the same energy as today forever. Her health has suffered too greatly from her experiences under the Nazis. With this film we want to tell her life story and pass her message on to future generations.




Wilfried Bullinger, Feigenbaum e.V.